An online database with a comprehensive overview of front-of-pack nutrition labeling (FOPNL) schemes and food ecolabels to help exporters understand and comply with labeling requirements in the global marketplace.

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The global labeling landscape is complex and ever-changing, so our database is frequently updated so you have access to the latest market information.

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Key Features


The FOPNL and ecolabeling databases both include a label image, food products in scope, labeling thresholds, timeline and status, compliance phases, and language requirements for each respective country.


This collection of scientific studies and authoritative reports is related to various types of types of FOPNL and ecolabeling systems and their impact on consumers and industry.


A background of each country’s front-of-pack labeling and select nutrition initiatives including the government’s perspective and stakeholder landscape.

Simplifying the Complex

An interactive, data-driven tool that can track, simplify, and translate the myriad of global food and nutrition regulations into usable information.

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The FOPNL Database

A compendium of FOPNL regulations for over 70 countries that simplifies the complex global food and nutrition regulations into usable and actionable information.

Ecolabeling Database

A one-stop-shop for government-sponsored ecolabels that are currently approved for use on food packaging that indicate if food products meet specific environmental, ethical, or sustainability standards.

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